The Raj Bhawan in Ranchi has been decked up. After painting and white washing of rooms, offices and boundary walls, the office of Governor has ensured the entire complex is lit up.

The colour of boundary walls of the Raj Bhawan has been changed from saffron and yellow to dark brown  and cream.

This is part of preparation to warmly welcome President Draupadi Murmu who had stayed inside this Raj Bhawan as Governor of Jharkhand for six years from 2015 to 2021.

Now, she  is slated to visit Jharkhand for three days and stay inside the Raj Bhawan on May 24, 25 and 26.

The tight security measures have been adopted.About two km radius of scheduled areas of the President’s arrival and departure, has been declared as “ red zone” where entry for common citizens was prohibited.

And drone of any type was not allowed to fly in the sky over these red zones covering the land mass around the new Jharkhand High Court building, two km from Dhurwa and the Indian Institute of Information Technology , nearly two km from Namkom in Ranchi.

As per the official schedule, after she lands at Birsa Munda Airport in capital city of Jharkhand, she will fly to Deoghar to offer puja before the Bhagwan Shiv, 12 th Jyotirlinga in the country.

From Deoghar, President Murmu will return to Ranchi where she is slated to inaugurate the new building of the Jharkhand High Court. She will rest the night at Raj Bhawan.

On May 25, she will participate in a function of tribal women in Khunti. Next, she will participate in convocation function organised by the IIIT, Namkom. She will rest inside the Raj Bhawan.

On May 26, President Murmu is scheduled to meet VVIPs invited by the office of Raj Bhawan.Then, she will go to Birsa Munda Airport.

The state administration has deputed senior IPS and  IAS officers to monitor the President Murmu’s programme.

The entire arrangement and security are to be looked after by Additional Director General Sanjay Anandrao Lathkar and Land Revenue Secretary Dr Amitabh Kaushal.

*At the venue of new Jharkhand High Court’s inauguration function,Jitendra Kumar Singh, IAS is deputed.

*At IIIT Convocation site, Rahul Purwar, IAS has been stationed.

*At Tribal Women meeting in Khunti, Prashant Kumar,IAS is posted.

* At Deoghar, Manish Ranjan, IAS has been authorised to manage President Murmu’s visit.

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