*New JHC Building:Corridor of Jharkhand High Court Chief Justice

President Draupadi Murmu will dedicate the new building Jharkhand High Court at Dhurwa, Ranchi to the people on 24th Day of May 2023”, reads the plaque to be unveiled by President Draupadi Murmu on May 24, 2023.

The triangular-shaped multiple-storey building with a built-up area of 64,500 square metres has three main gates It will also have separate entrances for Judges, VIPs, and visitors.

The New Jharkhand High Court Building will be modern, state-of-the-art, and energy efficient, with very non-obtrusive security facilities. The court campus will be three times the current size, while the chambers of lawyers will be significantly larger. 

The new building's interiors will feature a rich blend of modern architecture, centrally air-conditioned courtrooms, corridors, conference halls and toilets. While outside the court complex, thick and solid granite tiles were carpeted, inside the entire floors were beautified by Italian tiles.

(Chamber of Chief Justice, Jharkhand High Court)

(Conference hall of Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court)

(Pictures on the wall outside Jharkhand High Court Chief Justice office)

(The court of Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court )

(Two Elevators to step up on first and second floor of the new Jharkhand High Court)

What attracts a visitor is the shining lights and artistic walls, each polished artistically. So much that the mind of a common man gets mesmerised.

The architectural concept features the courtrooms of honourable judges and honourable Chief Justice of the High Court. 

JharkhandStateNews.com has taken pictures of the Chief Justice’s office, courtroom, conference room, corridors and so on for its viewers to think how this eye-catching temple of higher judiciary looks in the eyes of a common citizen.

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