A model has alleged that she was raped by Tanveer Akhter who runs a modelling school in Ranchi.

She, who is from the Bhagalpur district of Bihar, and worked for the modelling school in Ranchi, has filed FIR against Tanveer Akhter in Versova police station in Mumbai. 

In her FIR, she alleged that Tanveer Akhter called himself Yesh.”He defrauded me. He indulged in sex, and after I asked him to marry, Yash asked me to get converted to Islam.”

In her FIR, she claims that she had fled from Ranchi to Mumbai to “ save herself” as he had threatened to deal with her. And yet, Yash followed her and continued to pressurise her to get converted to Islam, claims the girl in her FIR.

She also claims that in Jharkhand, she had made umpteen complaints against him, but no action was taken by the police against him.

Now, this model has uploaded a video on YouTube stating that she will die, but not convert to Islam.”

“Pradhan Mantri owr Mukhya Mantri mujhe is haiwan se bachaye.Ab Wo Kya Karega, Mujhe Nahi Pata.Mai Hindu Hu. Muslim Se Kabhi Saadi Nahi Karungi(PM and CM, save me from this beast. I am Hindu.I will never marry a Muslim), she is heard saying in the video.


When a video journalist asked for his comment, the accused Tanveer Akhter replied that her allegations were false. However, he admitted that this girl worked for his modelling school. “ She had pilfered data. When I raised the question, she fled”, Akhter told the video journalist.

Ranchi SSP Kishore Kaushal has confirmed that she was in touch with her.Since she had filed a complaint at  Zero mile, her FIR was transferred to Versova police station in Mumbai. 

“We are investigating the case.We will act on the basis of evidence gathered”, states SSP, Ranchi.

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