Soon after Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. launched it, the world of communication has undergone a digital revolution.

While launching it, Cook Tweeted on June 6,2023:”Welcome to the era of spatial computing with Apple Vision Pro. You’ve never seen anything like this before!”

What is this Apple product - Vision Pro?This is a digital headset. Like a goggles, user has to wear it to get Special Computer Digital Content connected with physical world.

After it was launched from the Apple’s annual world wide Developers Conference at Apple Park in California, USA, Vision Pro has mesmerised techies.

For instance, David Pierce, Editor- at- Large and Vergecast Co- host with over a decade of experience covering consumer tech. writes in The” about Vision Pro.

“ What is this thing for? Apple has a few answers: it’s for taking super - impressive videos of your kid’s birthday;it’s for staring at a 3D human heart while it beats quietly in your living room.

But I have a different theory: it’s a TV. At least at first, the best thing this headset will do is play movies and shows. And while Apple may have big ideas about impressive content and new formats for watching things, that’s all going to take a while to reality catch on.

But being able to fire up Netflix and watch it on a huge virtual screen? That’s going to be ready right away. For all its potential and Apple’s lofty rhetoric, the Vision Pro is a television- and an extremely Apple-y one at that”.

David Pierce also commented saying this.” The Vision Pro did get a little heavy on my face after a while, and obviously, all we’ve seen so far are controlled demos in a controlled situation, but there is no doubt this is a remarkable piece of hardware.”

Alongside, Mahendra Group Chairman Anand Mahendra  was astonished as he Tweeted stating this. “Does this signal the death of large screen TV displays? Wonder what the boardrooms at Samsung & Sony plotting in response… And what about community-watching of movies & sports matches? Will that now be replaced by a roomful of zombies wearing headsets?”

In fact,this Vision Pro headset directly connects digital world with real world. This means that by wearing this Apple headset inside your home in Ranchi,you can directly vision your son in London. You can see a movie. You can play a game with your dear wife in Washington and organise video conference world wide using Apple App.

Most importantly, it’s control rests in hands of the user and not any controller outside is linked with it.It can be used simply by your finger.

Technically, Vision Pro contains a powerful M2 Chip. More, M2 Chip is based on R1 Chip. It has the support of 12 cameras, 5 censor and 6 micro phone. It’s price is $ 3,499( nearly ₹ 2,88,700). 

The devise is set to be released in April 2024, according to Apple.However, Few expect the Vision Pro to become a mass market device in its first few years given the higher-than-expected price point, but Wall Street estimates are still far apart on their sales expectations.


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