*Image credit The Jaisalmer News

Expressing deep concern over the safety of and security of the various reporters, cameramen and other personnel of the various media organizations, especially the private TV channels covering the cyclone “Biparjoy” the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has today issued an advisory to all such channels deploying personnel for ground reporting on the cyclone.

Ministry has cautioned that reporting from the ground level may pose serious risks of the safety and security of the reporters and the cameramen and other personnel deployed by the private satellite TV channels for reporting of this incident.  

Ministry has also expressed concern that such ground reporting may risk the lives of the various personnel deployed.

The Ministry has strongly advised media organizations to undertake abundant precaution and due care in the matter of deployment of their personnel in the areas likely to be affected. It has also strongly recommended that under no circumstances the organization should take decisions for the deployment of such personnel in a way that may compromise the safety and security of the media personnel and follow the precautions being issued by local the administration.

Cyclone “Biparjoy” is expected to hit the western coast of the country in the immediate future which is likely to cause disruption of varying dimensions. The Ministry has reassured people that Central Government along with the State Governments is making all efforts to mitigate the impact of the Cyclone.


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