In order to enhance road safety, NHAI has taken initiative and issued guidelines for rectification of accident prone spots on the National Highways by implementing short term measures. 

Under these guidelines, NHAI Project Directors are now delegated with the power to undertake rectification of accident-prone spots identified and recommended by the respective State Police Chief or by the District Road Safety Committee to the tune of upto Rs. 10 lakh per spot. Short-term measures costing more than Rs.10 lakhs and up to Rs. 25 lakhs have been delegated to the concerned Regional Office.  

These financial powers are over and above the guidelines issued earlier by NHAI, where Project Directors can approve rectification of MoRTH notified blackspots through short term measures up to an amount of Rs. 25 Lakh per black spot.  Procurement of the works can also be carried out combining various accident spots pertaining to a project.

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways notify black spots as per defined parameters. However, to enhance road safety and user convenience on the National Highways, NHAI has taken this proactive initiative to rectify accident prone spots with short term measures in addition to the black spots notified by MoRTH. 

Short Term Measures include installation of pedestrian facilities like zebra crossings with advance warning signs, Crash barriers & railings, junction improvements, solar lights/ blinkers, road signages and implementation of traffic calming measures etc. Improving safety on National Highways is one of the topmost priorities of NHAI and it is committed to ensure safe, smooth, and seamless travel experience for all commuters on the National Highways.


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