The inter state bus terminal at Khadgarha in Ranchi witnessed fire engulfing five buses standing there on the day of Bakrid-Eid-Ul-Adha.

While many Muslim community members were celebrating Bakrid in the area encircling Gadgarha bus depot, where fire and smoke were coming out of burning buses, a number of bus depot staff and passengers ran helter-skelter.

The incident took place in the afternoon around 1-2 pm on Thursday. Though the cause of fire was not known, rumours afloat claimed it had erupted in one bus due to short circuit and spread. 

All five buses were owned by private companies.The fire had completely destroyed five buses causing chaos as passengers, vendors, shop keepers and staff of the bus depot were spotted moving from one corner to another.

After phone was dialled, the fire brigade service staff reached the site and doused the fire. Prior to the fire brigade’s staff, the activists, including staff and passengers poured water to stop flames of fire to spread further.

Even the police belonging to the Lower Bazar police station interfered in time and played their designated role.However, a video made by a citizen showed drivers of other buses switched on their couple of buses, each packed with passengers,and left Khadgarha bus depot toward their places of destination.


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