*Police trying to maintain law and order after a communal clash erupted due to the theft of Toto E Rickshaw Battery Charger.

The district administration has enforced Section 144 in the Kailudih area falling under the Katras police station in the Dhanbad district after a communal clash took place due to the theft of Toto E -Rickshaw battery there late Friday night.

Three - four rounds of violent clash, followed by stone pelting took place in the presence of police. Six bombs were exploded, reports claim.

As a result, a dozen Asbestos sheets of houses and shops and goods kept inside there were damaged. The glass sheets of three bikes kept in front of these houses were broken into pieces.

More than a dozen persons were injured in this violent incident lasting for over three hours from -11 am-2 am night on Friday- Saturday. The police had to run forward in an attacking movement carrying their sticks to restore peace.

Later, the district administration enforced Section 144 to maintain law and order. At least nine persons belonging to both Hindu and Muslim communities were undergoing treatment at Nichitpur Hospital in Katras.

Investigations revealed that a Toto electric e-rickshaw battery charger of Janardhan Yadav was stolen. This case of theft was recorded in a CCTV camera owned by a PDS shop owner Parmanand. Some faces of people who had committed theft of the battery charger were visible in the CCTB footage on Friday morning. 

When Janardhan and his friends- all Hindus-went to one guy called Shamshad alias Bablu Ansari - Muslim-to question him, they got involved in a fight which turned into a communal clash between two groups.

After receiving information about the communal clash, a team of police personnel reached the spot and tried to bring normalcy. This did not help. 

A councilor of the area called Masum Khan and social activist Md. Shahbuddin protested against the effigy burning of Md. Shahabuddin. This triggered another round of clashes between members of the two communities.

The police have threatened to act against “miscreant” though no arrest was made till this morning, reports reaching Ranchi said.


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