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PM Modi is visiting Chhattisgarh on July 7. He will lay the foundation stone for three National Highway projects for the Chhattisgarh Section of the 6-lane Greenfield Raipur - Visakhapatnam corridor. 

A key component in the development of these National Highway projects is a 6-Lane tunnel of 2.8 Km in length with 27 animal passes and 17 monkey canopies provided for unrestricted wildlife movement in the Udanti Wildlife Sanctuary area.

It has been the vision of PM Modi to minimize the impact of highway development on wildlife.

Under PM Modi, The development of such dedicated infrastructure for the safe passage of wildlife and their habitation, along with the development of National Highways/Expressways is a frequent feature of highway development in India. 

For example, the Delhi-Dehradun Economic Corridor, whose foundation stone was laid by the PM Modi in December 2021, will have Asia’s largest wildlife elevated corridor (12 km) for unrestricted wildlife movement. 

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