Asian Footwears has gained mileage by handshaking with cricket hero and Prince of Jharkhand MS Dhoni as their new brand ambassador.

A story claims that this move of Asian Footwears has  created  “a game-changing partnership that combines reliability, durability, performance, and style.”
Asian Footwears, Delhi based homegrown full-stack footwear brand, has recently signed the Indian cricketing legend MS Dhoni as its brand ambassador to elevate and strengthen its position in the footwear market. In addition to MS Dhoni, former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag is also one of the ambassadors for the brand, it is learnt.
Rajinder Jindal, Chairman & MD, Asian Footwears has confirmed it saying, “We wanted to associate with someone who has a natural fitment with our brand ethos and MS Dhoni seemed the perfect choice. Just like Dhoni, Asian Footwears stands for excellence, reliability, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Both share a deep-rooted commitment to delivering exceptional performance and winning the hearts of their audience.”
He further added, “Dhoni is also known to be dependable, and for most Asian users, we are known to be solid & sturdy who provide excellent comfort, support and durability, under all circumstances.”   

Alongside MS Dhoni is quoted having said this."I am thrilled to announce my exciting collaboration with Asian Footwears, a brand that embodies the values of excellence and unwavering determination. Through this partnership, I am eager to explore the remarkable range of stylish shoes across various categories that Asian Footwears has to offer. This association allows me to align myself with a brand that resonates with the aspirations of the Indian masses. Together, we aim to inspire individuals to chase their dreams and take confident strides, while Asian Footwears ensures that they make the right choice of footwear, providing comfort and style every step of the way."

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