A vehicle called chariot carrying posters inviting application for issuance of birth and death certificates is moving around in the city and villages in Jharkhand.

This is part of the state government’s drive to help people get birth and death certificates on the spot. The drive was launched by the state Finance Minister Dr Rameshwar Oraon on Friday.

The state government’s move aims to ensure not any child born remains without birth certificate.

The drive will continue till August 14.” In future, there should not be a single child without a birth certificate”, said the Minister.

He said registration of death is equally important in case of getting ancestral property or court cases.

As per official records, the birth and death certificates were issued by district municipal bodies. In Ranchi, it is issued by Ranchi Municipal Corporation.

At the RMC headquarter, applications for birth and death certificates were filled. But the certificates were rarely issued by RMC without delivery of bribe sums to concerned staff.

The problem could have been resolved had the state government ordered Common Service Centres( called Pragya Kendra). The CSC operating in the state provides several online services, other than birth and death certification work, to people.

This was not done and vehicles - four wheelers- were bought to carry out the campaign. “ Birth Registration of all school students will be done during the campaign.All school principals have been directed in this regard, says the Secretary, Education and Literacy K Ravi Kumar.


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