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For the first time, a masjid for women is coming up in Kapali, Jamshedpur, reports ABPlive.com.

This first masjid for women is going to get functional before the end of 2023.” In this masjid only women will be allowed to offer namaz( prayer) and entry of men will be prohibited”, reports ABPlive.com.

“ All functionaries including Imam( priest) and darban( security guard) will be women”, adds the report.

Although Islam does not prohibit women from entering mosques to offer namaz or congregational prayer, provided that there is no free intermixing of men and women in common areas, the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board informed the Supreme Court in an affidavit on February 8, 2023, some Imams say that women can not offer Imamat (read Namaz while standing).

As a result, the construction of this masjid being constructed by Dr Nurjumman Khan under the banner of Al - Imdad Education Welfare and Charitable Trust, for women has elicited criticism. 

However, Khan argues that if women can go on Haz with men, there can not be any objection to having a Masjid for women.” This was women will indulge in constructive works”, she reportedly said.

The masjid, spread over one acre of land, is being built at a cost of Rs 1.5 crore. It can offer nearly 500 women to do Namaz five times and hold community meetings.


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