The Department of Consumer Affairs has directed NCCF and NAFED to sell tomatoes at a retail price of Rs.70/- per kg rate from 20th July, 2023 in view of the declining trend in tomato prices. The tomatoes procured by NCCF and NAFED had been retailed, initially, at Rs.90/- per kg and then reduced to Rs.80/- per kg from 16th July 2023. The reduction to Rs.70/- kg will further benefit the consumers.

It may be recalled that on the direction of the Department of Consumer Affairs, NCCF and NAFED had commenced the procurement of tomatoes from mandis in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra for simultaneous disposal in major consumption centres where retails prices have recorded the maximum increase in last one month.

The retail sale of tomatoes in Delhi-NCR had started from 14th July, 2023. Till 18th July, 2023 a total of 391 MT of tomatoes had been procured by the two agencies which are being continuously disposed of to the retail consumers in major consumption centres of Delhi-NCR, Rajasthan, UP and Bihar.


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