Governor Syed Ahmad’s directive to officials to attend office on time has begun to yield results.

The secretariat located at the Project Bhawan and the Nepal House got packed with officials and staff at 10.30 today. In the past,they rarely turned up there before 11.30 am.This is the first sign of the impact of the President’s Rule on the bureaucracy in Jharkhand.

Even Chief Secretary SK Choudhary who used to come to the office by 11.30-12 noon,has been reporting duty sharp at 10-10.30 am.

”It was a pleasant scene to see these officials attending office on time.Hope,this continues”,remarked a retired Joint Secretary Sudhkar Mishra,who has been visiting the Project Bhawan to get his file connected with pension and Provident Fund pushed since November 15.

“The President’s Rule has instilled a sense of fear among the staff.More because the Centre has sent upright officers like Vijay Kumar and Madhukar Gupta as Advisors.If they are allowed to work for the next two years,the rule of law will prevail and this minerally rich state will get over the jungle raj that prevailed due to indiscipline and corruption”,said Lalit Murmu,a lawyer.

In any case,after the Governor’s Advisor Vijay Kumar arrived yesterday,another Advisor Madhukar Gupta is coming today.Both are expected to enforce the rule of law.


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