The entire Bihar and Jharkhand are experiencing it now, in some form or another.


With two lives lost, one in police firing in Katihar, Bihar, and another in the firing of criminals in Ranchi, Jharkhand, many people have felt it during the last few hours. Both horrific incidents took place on Wednesday.

But experts say people don't have to be mourning the death of a loved one to be experiencing the sense of anguish and loss that is grief.

Consider this.

At least one person was killed and two others were critically injured after police allegedly opened fire to disperse a mob that was protesting against poor power supply in Bihar's Katihar district.

In Ranchi, CPI-M leader Subhash Munda was shot dead by yet to be identified 4 shooters who had fired 8 rounds of bullets. Munda had received 7 bullets in his body and died on the spot.

The cause of firing in two separate places in two neighbouring states, resulting in the death of two persons, is not known. Both Bihar and Jharkhand police separately say they are investigating the “case”.

Against this backdrop, politicians have entered and started questioning the Nitish Kumar and Hemant Soren governments in Bihar and Jharkhand respectively.

BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad has criticised “ Sushashan Babu”( CM Nitish Kumar ). He said, “ It is heartbreaking that police fired and killed one who was part of a procession protesting against power shortage and demanding electricity.”

Similarly, BJP leader and Ex CM Babulal Marandi ridiculed CM Hemant Soren saying, “He holds meeting to maintain law and order, and threatens police officers. On the other hand, CPI(M) leader Subhash Munda, who had contested the Assembly poll, was shot dead inside his office.”

Babulal Marandi said,” This is the latest sad case showing the reality of law and order in the state.” He pointed out that the police administration had put its focus on illegal mining indulged in by political bosses. The police officers follow their dictate. How can law and order be maintained in this kind of setting?”


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