A CCTV camera showed how a man died after he tried to come out from a lift which was stopped on the fourth floor due to a power cut. 

The incident took place at Neelkanth Apartment on Dimna Road in Jamshedpur.The entire accidental death due to sudden stoppage of the lift was has caught on the CCTV camera.

The deceased has been identified as Shishir Sinha alias Bablu Srivastava. He lives in Sarvodaya Path of Maango. 

Sinha had gone to meet his friend at Neelkanth Apartment where his friend lives on the fifth floor. Due to a sudden power outage, the lift stopped on the fourth floor.

As there was no electricity for some time, Sinha, with the help of his friend, managed to open the door of the lift and thought that he would jump to the fourth floor, but unfortunately, he fell into the shaft and died.

His friend rushed him to the Tata main hospital for treatment, where he couldn't find a place. Later, Sinha died on the way to RIMS hospital.

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