The Indigo flight 7 E 2172 from New Delhi to Ranchi carrying 181 passengers and eight crew members this morning had a harrowing time with the announcement made by the pilot on board that the flight is returning to New Delhi due to “ technical reasons.”

The Pilot said,” We felt vibration on- board during the flight”, one of the passengers is quoted as having told ANI. The New Delhi- Ranchi flight of Indigo took off from Delhi at around 7.40 am and returned landing there at 8.20 am. “During the last 20 minutes on board the flight was harrowing for all of us”, another passenger told

After it landed in Delhi, these passengers waited inside the airport for hours as Indigo took time to arrange the operation of another fight for them.

Reports say that “ three minutes” after its take off from Delhi, the pilot had ‘ reported’ one engine inoperative.” However, the takeoff and landing was normal.

The passengers returned to Ranchi by another flight arranged by Indigo.


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