After the daylight bank robbery in Sijua of Dhanbad district last year, there has been an uneasy calm in this coal centres area in Jharkhand.

Even as a sense of insecurity prevailed among bankers and customers across Dhanbad, criminals on Monday broke into the Customer Service Center of the State Bank of India (SBI) branch located in Rampur of Katras police station area in Dhanbad and looted about Rs 35,000 cash( the sum may be more as the count of cash available in the counter is still being evaluated).

The incident involved robbers who had reportedly entered the bank in broad daylight on the strength of revolvers by a bike.

Eye witness accounts indicate that robbers who had come to commit bank robbery had fired four rounds inside and outside the bank service center as well.

Branch Manager  Bhavesh Mahato and two customers had narrowly escaped in the firing.

“The robbers escaped from the State Bank of India (SBI) customer service center after looting Rs 35,000 cash. The bullet hit the wall.”

Police informed that the robbers had come on a bike and fled from there on the same bike.

On receiving the information of the incident, the police of Katras, Jogta and other police stations reached the spot and started an investigation. The police seized the bullet fired by the robbers from the spot. 

It is said that like every day, customers had come to the customer service center to do transactions. In this sequence, around a quarter past 12 noon, two helmate-wearing robbers reached there on a bike. 

Both of them reportedly entered directly inside the customer service center. As soon as they reached inside, report said,both robbers pointed a pistol at Bhavesh, the head of the center. 

When Bhupesh resisted and reportedly asked them to leave the cash, he was fired at. “ Luckily, the bullet hit the wall instead of his head”, said a customer.
Later, the cops recovered the bullet and took up a picture of the bullet hitting the wall of the bank.

“While fleeing by bike, they had opened fire again”, said Branch Director of Bhelatand Rajeev Singh.

Earlier on September 22, 2033, an encounter had taken place between the bank robbers and the police in the Muthoot Finance office in Dhanbad's Bank More market area. 

According to the recorded reports, one robber was reportedly killed by the police while three others have been nabbed. The area has also been cordoned off.

This did not happen this time.However, the cops are yet to nab any one of the two bank robbers of the Katras branch of the SBI having lost Rs 35,000 even as fear has gripped bankers in Dhanbad.


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