The illegal bunker built by CPI- Maoist was destroyed by security forces and Jharkhand police forces in a joint operation in forest areas falling under jurisdiction of Tonto police station in West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand on Friday morning.

The bunker spread over 20x40 feet shape was operated by veteran CPI( Maoist) commander Misir Besra who carried an award of Rs one crore on his head.

Before the blast of the Misir Besra’s bunker, there was reportedly exchange of fire between security forces and Maoists. The firing was started by Maoists, said a senior police officer in West Singhbhum on condition of anonymity.

One CRPF jawan was reportedly injured. “ From inside the destroyed bunker, mortar, explosives and  Naxal literature were recovered”, said a police officer. Officially, the police have not disclosed anything till now. 

Misir Besra, who managed to escape, is learnt to be a dreaded Maoist leader who operates from behind the scene and was an accused in more than two dozen cases of murder, arson, ransom and illegal possession of arms and ammunitions. 

 “ Besra operated from the well built bunker around which IED mines on top of a hill were spread so that no body could come close to him. His operation was such that he could spot others below, but outsiders including security forces could not come near to him”, says a senior police officer.

Notably, this is for the first time in span of over four-five years, a joint team of security forces and Jharkhand armed forces have managed to locate Misir Besra’s camp in West Singhbhum and destroyed it. This was described as a highly successful move of the security forces. 


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