Twenty-one students of BIT Sindri were Tuesday handed over laptops by Jharkhand Governor CP Radhakrishnan. They were selected on the basis of objective criteria such as economic background and merit.

The laptop programme was part of an initiative of Anant Prayas, an organization instituted under Central Act II of 1882 in the state of Jharkhand, India, by the Alumni of BIT Sindri. 

Anant Prayas’ move is linked with its “vision of a world in which every talent is nurtured with the utmost care, compassion, and empathy; a world in which no talent is wasted due to negligence, ignorance, and lack of resources of any kind.” 

Incidentally. Anant Prayas’ Lap Top program which aimed at providing laptops to needy students in college, is not new. Several Rounds have been completed with the distribution of 21 laptops to students, each time. 

The program in no way compares to a regular loan scheme which is designed for profit-making by banks or other lenders. Anant Prayas’ Lap Top program keeps beneficiaries free from the burden of bank loans. 

The CEO of Anant Prayas RK Choudhary informed that the beneficiaries of Lap Top scheme this time included: Mukesh Pandey, Saurabh Kumar, Jitendra Kumar Rai, Deepak Mehta, Raj Kumar, Amardeep Keshri, Vikas Mandal, Ajay Mahato, Vishal Kumar, Uttam Mahato, Jairam Yadav, Mithilesh Raj and Subhash Hansda.

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