The contract workers of Heavy Engineering Corporation ( HEC) Ltd have suffered a jolt due to economic bankruptcy of their company. 

 The entry of 1632 contract workers into the HEC plant was locked with effect from September 1,2023.

When asked the PSU management informed that its contract agreement with the private company responsible for providing workers on contractual basis was not effective till August 1,2023. Since the contract agreement was not renewed with it, it’s workers were no longer required by the HEC. 

 On the other hand, the contractual workers provider company blamed the HEC for not making payment of its dues. Against this background, this company representative said it did not prefer to apply for renewal of the agreement. 

 As per official records, the HEC floats tender inviting private company to apply for providing workers on contract basis for one year.The wages are provided by the HEC in accordance with the terms and conditions of their agreement. 

 Available information indicates that the HEC management is planning to ink agreement with a new company to gain workers on contract basis. 

Till the time official process is complete, HEC management is not ready to allow old contractual workers to enter into its plant.

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