Public address system and emergency call box (ECB) has been set up at 50 locations in Ranchi under the Central government’s Ranchi Smart City programme for people to inform the administration and police in case of any emergency situation like disaster, crime, and accident. 

The installation of ECB in Ranchi takes place after the same device-led scheme was implemented in Patna, state capital of Bihar. As per the technology-driven ECV device, in any emergency, a person can ask for help by pressing the ‘help’ button in the emergency call box. 

The person seeking help will directly tell his problem to the policeman sitting in the Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) through the speaker installed in the box. After that, the nearest police station or 112 will be instructed to help him. 

The police are set to share the videos on the official social media sites about its functioning. The people are also requested to share it as much as they can so that citizens could be made aware of the new system. 

 Though no advertisement has been made, some residents who were aware of the ECV have welcomed the move.

“The new system is just amazing like the one we used to see in Hollywood movies. It is unbelievable that Ranchi is developing into a modern police city. 

We had never imagined that such a gadget would be installed in the city. I have never used it, but have seen it in many places. I will try it in case of an emergency,” said Dinkar Manjhi, a resident of Kanke road.

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