*Representational picture courtesy karnatakatourism.org showing Vistadome coach of the new special Ranchi- Hazaribagh- Giridih Intercity Express train

“We enjoyed travelling by this train”, said Rangita Singh.” I had never moved by Vistadome coach”, smiled Alok Manjhi, another passenger.

They were no isolated passengers. Scores of them were in cheers having travelled by the Indian Railways move to attach a special Vistadome (glass top) coach on the brand new Ranchi-New Giridih IntercityExpress train in Jharkhand.

Two days back this train was launched on September 11,started its journey from New Giridih where trains did never move.There were no tracks and railway stations.And Maoists ruled the roost.

Now, the Maoists were almost dead. Tracks  and railway stations were built in this district and adjoining areas making a special Vistadome (glass top) coach carrying the brand new Ranchi-New Giridih IntercityExpress train ply every day, thanks to the Narendra Modi government for making all these changes possible.

During the past two days, it has attracted passengers many of whom had never witnessed Vistadome train. 

As per schedule, Ranchi- New Giridih- Ranchi Intercity Express train departs from Ranchi at 06.05 am and arrive in Giridih at 01 pm.From Giridih it departs at 02 pm and reach Ranchi at 9.30 pm. 

The number of this train from Ranchi to Giridih is 18617 whereas it’s number from New Giridih to Ranchi is 18678.The ticket price for Second Seating chair in this Ranchi to New Giridih train is Rs 130. 

The ticket price for AC chair and Vistadome is Rs 465 and Rs 1260 respectively. The train number passes through the enchanting hills and forest, making the journey incredibly picturesque. 

Till now the passengers were unable to enjoy the surroundings; thus, the Vistadome coach was introduced to capture the beauty of the route. 

Besides providing magnificent views, this additional coach offers comfort and luxury at its best. It has 40 reclining and revolving seats for a comfortable journey. 

The booking of the Vistadome coach can be done on the Indian Railway portal, IRCTC. The fare is similar to that of the executive class of Shatabdi of the Indian Railways.  

The introduction of the Vistadome Train allows travellers and passengers to stay up close with nature and explore natural wonders in their full glory while on the move. 

The luxury coach with large glass windows, roof panels and rotating chairs makes the journey comfortable while you enjoy nature in its full glory. 

 There are 44 seats and can rotate 180°, giving you the perfect view of the scenic journey. Each seat comes with a back pocket, a cup holder, foldable tray, an armrest and are push-button recliner. 

Each seat has individual charging sockets for the benefit of people working on laptops and for mobile phones. The seat numbers are also written in Braille for visually impaired passengers. 

 This train covers these stations:

 *Ranchi-06.05 * Tatisilai-06.23-06.25 *Mesra- 06.42-06.44 *Barkakana-08.05-08.10 * Hazaribagh Town-09.08-09.13 *Koderma-10.30-11.00 *Maheshpur Halt-11.20-11.22 *Dhanwar-11.40-11.42 *Jamuwa-12.03-12.05 *New Giridih-1.00 

 Return Schedule:

 *New Giridih-2.00 *Gamuwa-14.30-14.32 *Dhanwar-14.58-15.00 *Maheshpur Halt-15.28-15.30 *Koderma-16.30-1700 * Hazaribagh Town-17.55-18.00 *Barkakana-19.00-19.05 *Mesra-20.35-20.37 *Tatisilwai-21.05-21.07 * Ranchi-21.30

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