Creating a safe and secure environment for its future generations is a fundamental requirement that every nation should strive to fulfill. The Swachh Bharat Mission is one such initiative which is designed to create a safe, hygienic, clean and garbage-free India for the upcoming generations to thrive and prosper in. 

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clarion call for a clean India, citizens from all spheres of life are learnt to have joined and are driving the swachhata movement in many parts of the country.

It is worth watching young kids who have taken center stage and assumed a leadership role. Consider the case Sunidhi Jangid. I. Rajasthan’s Kekdi Nagar Parishad, she is one young leader and Swachhata Ambassador whose efforts for the local swacchata movement have attracted media’s attention. 

She has spread awareness among the masses to galvanize her peers as well as elders to join the campaign.13-year-old Sunidhi Jangid is a Class 8 student in Kekdi town. 

She has been carrying out information, education and communication activities among her fellow students to sow the seeds of sanitation into her peers’ hearts and minds at an early age.

Playing her part as a Swachh Bharat Ambassador since the Swacchotsav in March 2023, Sunidhi has educated people about sustainable ways of management using sanitary pads, thus breaking social barriers. 


Sunidhi communicated her ideas and thoughts to local residents and students at the Indian Swachhata League 2.0 under the Swacchata Pakhwada- Swachhata Hi Seva campaign on 17th September 2023. Over 500 people participated in various activities held under ISL 2.0 and the event was presided over by Kekdi Municipal Council head Mr Kamlesh Kumar Sahu. 

Sunidhi was so confident about her mission for swachhata that she addressed such a large gathering and was so articulate while educating the crowd about best practices for sanitation including door-to-door collection of waste, making compost from wet waste, boycotting single-use plastic, used sanitary pad management, source segregation of waste among others. 

In the end, Sunidhi recited a song ‘Mhane Saaf Safai Pyari Lage’ (We love cleanliness) written by her with the lyrics defining what Swachhatais all about and how much it matters to all of us. Young guns like Sunidhi are the flag-bearers of change and will go a long way in making India garbage-free.

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