If you’re trying to understand how she feels about you, especially if he talks openly about his wife, it can be difficult. 

Here’s what it typically means when the ex-captain of Indian Cricket team M. S. Dhoni advised a bachelor with a girlfriend to get married for a happy conjugal life. 

Dhoni who loves his wife Shakshi and mother Devaki Devi has talked about them to give a message to a bachelor with a girlfriend to marry her.

In a video interview, Ranchi born prince of cricket Dhoni talked about the role of a wife in the family.

Here is an excerpt of his recorded viewpoint. “As a man, all the masala (a thing that comprises a highly varied mixture of elements) in life comes from the wife. 

You may be the captain of the Indian Cricket team or ex-captain of the Indian cricket team, but it hardly matters to her. You ( just) have a place in the house. It is usually not your choice. “ Sab Kuch Tumhara Chalta Hai(Everything moves as per your choice)”, she will say.” 

But the whole thing is it is what she wants you to do and she will make you feel you are doing and it is your decision.” Dhoni then says,” So if something goes wrong which can, ( she will say) you had decided. I had (opined it ) said so.” 

“But( wife) … also helps in a big way because life is chaotic…And imagine, there is a trainer in the house… who is training you to control the chaos by creating chaos in the house.We all joke about it. 

That is a common thing. But the wife is a pillar of strength in the family. Whether she is my wife or I say, my Mom… You know, they are the ones who run the family…I come from a middle-class background. 

So my father gave the salary (to his- Mom). After that, he did not ask how you run the family. She has the budget. 

And now she had to run for the whole month of 30 or 31 days. She performed excellently. Because there were kids. Kids wanted to eat chocolate. The same amount of money had to be used to buy the chocolate. 

She quickly re-assigned everything, and it was done. I feel she was the one who brought comfort to the family.” “ You can always fall back and ask anything. Often when I am frustrated, you know, I take my frustration on her( wife). 

Which is not a good thing. I have to eventually pay a heavy price. But that is what life is” Having said so Dhoni advised every youth that if he has a girlfriend with whom he is happy, get married. 

Also, at the end of his reply to a video man, he made it clear that “ every bachelor has a misconception that other man’s (girlfriend) is different which is not true.”


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