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Call it a rumour or a mystery, a place lies somewhere between Rampur and Taimara Valley in Jharkhand where livemint.com states that “the time seems to arrive early.”

Mint reports based on its “ report” that when “someone passes through this area, the time and year on their mobile phones changes automatically.”

“Many people claim that the time zone here possibly advances by two years and the clock in the mobile phones tells a different time”, reads Mint report. Notably, this place is around 30 kilometers away from Jharkhand's Ranchi. 

One has to travel on the Ranchi Jamshedpur Highway NH-33 to reach the valley. “Several reports suggest that the mystery of Taimara ghat is related to the Tropic of Cancer that crosses this area. 

Some environmentalists were quoted as arguing that this may be the result of the heavy magnetic fields or radiations present in the region, which cause such disturbances.” 

Dr Bacha Ram Jha, Head of the Geology Department of Ranchi University, was quoted by News 18 as saying that granite stone found in the Chunki Taimara Valley has magnetic properties. 

“Due to any magnetic effect, the time of the clock can change; but in this matter, more discovery and research are needed, so that the fact can be known," Jha had said earlier. 

Is it a rumour? Hindi daily Dainik Jagran shared a first-hand experience from the valley and said many people told its media correspondent that it was rumour. 

“You can see a mobile tower near the place where the board of Taimara Valley is put up. Stop here and do photography. Check your mobile yourself, you will not see anything new. No change will be seen in time zone…If this had happened then it would have become a tourist center of Jharkhand," the report said. This site is eye-catching and nature’s paradise. 

States Mint reports,” Upon arrival in the valley, one can witness breathtaking views, with mountains and valleys on both sides of the four-lane road. There's also a shrine with an idol of Maa Kali and Bajrang Bali — and a ghost story associated with this place.”

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