It’s all about a high-profile legal battle. The battle is going on inside the Civil Court, Ranchi. 

On one hand, is the Prince of Cricket MS Dhoni, ex-captain of the Indian Cricket team. On another side is his childhood friend and business partner, Mihir Diwakar and Somya Das. 

The root cause of their battle is the letter word -money. In his petition, Dhoni has claimed that he was duped by them resulting in his financial loss of about Rs 15 crore. The case has its own background. In 2014, they formed a private company Aarka, a sports management company.

Aarka in its active website said that it “specializes in athlete and player management. Besides, we also provide top-class consultancy. We have carved a niche in a short span of time and spread our activities to places like Lucknow, Varanasi, Bokaro, Gurugram, Bareilly etc. 

We are running several cricket academies all over India along with some foreign land and honing up the cricketing talent of the young generation, under the expert supervision of M S Dhoni.”

On October 27, 2023, Dhoni in his complaint petition alleged that Mihir Diwakar and others had entered into an agreement in 2017 to set up “Cricket Academy” across the country and abroad. 

As per his complaint, Dhoni, who alleged that though he had to be paid Rs 70 percent of profit made by the company Aarka, these two partners had violated its the rules and regulations inscribed in the management of the company and showed accounts indicating he suffered a loss of about Rs 15 crore. 

Responding to MS Dhoni’s complaint the Ranchi civil court had got a statement of one witness recorded. 

Asked for his comment, Mihir Diwakar has said,” I, responding to legal notice issued by advocate of Mahi( Nickname of MS Dhoni), has replied.Not violated any agreement.MSD owes my money.”

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