It is all about the X post going viral and has garnered close to 5 lakh views till 6 pm on Monday. 

A young woman travelling via the YNRK-HWH Express on February 18 had a tough time during the train journey as co-passengers occupied her seat and refused to vacate it. 

This post thas gone viral on social media. Why? An X user narrated her younger sister’s ordeal on the train. 

Indian Railways however was swift enough to respond to the X user and helped her sister out soon after. In a series of posts, the X user shared screenshots of her sister’s ticket, their conversation and also videos that purportedly showed several people occupying the particular seat. 

 Although the young woman had a confirmed ticket on the sleeper coach of the train, her co-passengers occupied her seat and refrained from vacating it. “For the first time, my younger sister is travelling alone by train. 

Anyhow we got our ticket confirmed at the last moment and train arrived 3 hours late. She went to her seat and it was not vacant, an uncle ji with her whole family was sitting there,” the X user said. 

“When she asked them to get up from there, that uncle started giving gyaan and shouted on her! It was so urgent that's why she is travelling alone. Tomorrow she has to be present for her practical exams. 

Now she is not feeling well and that uncle made her sit on the upper birth, with 3 other passengers. 

And the worst thing is that. I can't do anything from here, now I'm so worried. Can I do something for her? Is there any service available or such,” she added. 

In a separate post, the X user added, “She didn't get the seat, someone else who was travelling without ticket sat on her place and asked her to sit on the upper berth with 3 other passengers.” 

As her post went viral with thousands of comments and views, Railway Seva, the official account for support to passengers, reacted to the post on X. 

Hours after Railway Seva’s response, the X user shared an update in a new post on Sunday night, saying, “I contacted Rail Madad (139) and RPF went there and gave her the seat within 20 minutes. Now she is with me, safely!! Thanks #IndianRailways.”


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