Union Home Minister Amit Shah, on Friday, addressed Adivasis and asked them to support BJP leader Arjun Munda who is trying to retain his Khunti ( ST reserve)Lok Sabha seat in Jharkhand. He praised Arjun Munda as an active leader of the soil and said his party BJP had made the country’s first tribal President Draupadi Murmu.  

Addressing the election meeting, Shah accused the Congress party of "raising question marks" on Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) and said that every inch of PoK belonged to India and no force could snatch it away from India. Also, during the same 

Moreover, the Minister of Home Affairs said, "Mani Shankar Aiyar is telling us to respect Pakistan as it possesses an atomic bomb. 

A few days ago, INDIA alliance leader Farooq Abdullah said do not talk about PoK as Pakistan has an atomic bomb. I want to tell the Congress and INDIA alliance that PoK belongs to India and no force can snatch it." 

Shah said that he did not know what had happened to the Congress party. "A resolution was passed unanimously in the Parliament that PoK is part of India. You [Congress] are now putting a question mark on PoK by talking about the atom bomb. 

The Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) stand is clear that every inch of PoK belongs to India and it will remain with India." He further urged people to vote for the BJP, saying that the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM)-led alliance in Jharkhand was neck-deep in corruption. 

 He said, "The JMM-led alliance indulged in Rs 300-crore land scam, Rs 1,000-crore mining scam, Rs 1,000-crore MNREGA scam, Rs 40-crore liquor scam. We will not allow the JMM-led alliance to digest poor people's money." The union minister said that the JMM and the Congress are indulging in "vote-bank politics".

“The Congress created obstacles in building the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya for 70 years, whereas Prime Minister Narendra Modi constructed the temple in five years... Rahul Baba [Rahul Gandhi] did not come to Ram Mandir consecration as he was afraid of his "vote bank"," Shah said. 

Shah said the Congress failed to make any tribal President when it was in power. "I want to ask Rahul Gandhi why the Congress failed to make any tribal President during its rule." 

An old video of Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar has resurfaced, where he said that Pakistan should be regarded as a respected nation and proposed engaging in dialogue with them.


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