Sandeep, a Disk Jockey( DJ), was shot dead inside Extreme Bar located in front of Radisson Blu hotel in Ranchi. Police said, drunk men who were divided into two groups, clashed over “teasing” girls. 

This prompted one group to telephonically inform their friends who came with traditional weapons including batons and indulged in violent acts and firing took place resulting in the death of DJ Sandeep who sang and played music inside Extreme Bar at around 1 am last night. 

On receiving a telephone call, Ranchi SSP Chandan Kumar Mishra told journalists that there was a scuffle between Extreme Bar’s Bouncers and customers. Soon, outsiders entered the scene and the firing of half a dozen bullets took place resulting in the death of Sanjeev, said SSP. 

Police collected CCTV footage and a team of Forensic Science Laboratory had reached the site of the crime and collected available evidences. The deceased DJ Sandeep who hailed from West Bengal was working on “ performance wage.” 

Though the police were busy investigating and a search operation was going on to track the culprits, no arrest was made till 9.30 am on Monday.


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