This is yet another shift of gangster Aman Sahu from Palamau to Giridih jail on Thursday.

Sahu, who is a veteran gangster linked with international gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, has many records in criminal files of the investigating agencies. 

First, the superintendent of the central jail in Palamau in Jharkhand district had received a death threat allegedly from the henchmen of this jailed gangster. 

The Palamau jail Superintendent is on record having said that he was given death threats by jailed gangster Aman Sahu’s henchmen through phone calls. 

They demanded to bring Sahu out from the special cell, where he has been kept.This was last year. Sahu has been imprisoned in more than a dozen criminal cases. 

Earlier, he was in the Giridih jail and then shifted to Simdega jail on July 22, 2023. He has been kept in the Palamau Central Jail since September 17, 2023. 

National Investigation Agency( NIA) had gathered evidences showing that Lawrence Bishnoi had expanded his “business model” by making alliances in jail, with jailed gangster Aman Sahu. NIA was probing multiple cases against Bishnoi and Sahu, it is learnt. 

Bishnoi was in NIA custody multiple times last year. Now, Aman Sahu will become headache of Giridih jail staff, say a senior Prison officer in Jharkhand.


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