*Image by Ratan Lal

A 3-Day residential workshop was organized by CCL CSR Team for approx. 300 students/faculties from schools located in the Coal Mining Areas / HQ to sensitize these students on the theme of Swachhta. The said program was organized at Tana Bhagat Indoor Stadium, Sports Complex, Khelgaon Ranchi. In the said workshop, students from remote areas of Jharkhand having less exposure and financially weaker background were selected as participants. Orphans from various institutions like ASHA, Maharshi Balmiki Viklang Sansthan, Maheshwari Girls High School etc. were specially invited to bring them to the mainstream of the society by providing a platform to show their talents.

The Pathshala was also organized to prepare the students as the change agents of tomorrow. "Swachhta ki Pathshala" was inaugurated by Coal Secretary, Inderjeet Singh at Tana Bhagat Indoor Stadium in the presence of CMD, CCL Gopal Singh and all FDs & CVO, with a message to all the students for adopting principles of Swachhta in day-to-day life. The said program is another step to achieve the vision of our CMD Gopal Singh in the field of Swachhta. The 3-day program was designed to cover topics like Hand Wash, Personal Hygiene, How to use toilets and how to maintain it in usable /hygienic condition. A special session for the girls was organized for Menstrual Hygiene and use of sanitary napkins by a doctor expert in the field. During the said Pathshala the students were also given practical input with a demonstration to deal first hand with burn cases, snake bite, CPRA, first aid etc.

In addition, career counseling, personality development, happiness, dressing sense, etiquettes, food habits, were other topics of interest along with daily Yoga/ Meditation. Friendly Football match for the boy's team and girls team were also organized to promote sports and physical fitness. It was emphasized by the organizers Alok Gupta, Sr. Manager (SD&CSR), Shweta Hansda, Nikita Bhadani and Pooja Prasad, that another angle to organize the Pathshala was to teach the students to LEARN TO LIVE TOGETHER with other students joining for the workshop from different background and LEARN WITH FUN through dance, song and other games. It was really encouraging to see the hidden talents of all the students. Each student was provided with a T-Shirt, Swachhta Kit, Certificate and a Book i.e. Exam Warrior written by Hon'ble PM Narendra Modi. Students were divided into 5 groups
i.e. Ganesha, Chhota Bheem, Mogli, Bahubali and Bajrangi to give them a sense of identity and to promote positive competition.

The program was concluded by Mayor, Ranchi Asha Lakra in the presence of CEO, JSSPS Alok Kumar and CM,(SD&CSR), Ravi Prakash. Mayor Ranchi motivated all the students for becoming BRAND AMBASSADOR of SWACHHTA and spread the message strongly in the society to create a NEW INDIA.


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