Amazon has come out with a new Echo speaker. Its price varies in the range of Rs 4,499 to Rs 9,999 a unit.

This US Technology firm today announced that this Echo speaker is a ‘new version’ of an artificial intelligence-based device

US technology firm Amazon on Thursday announced a new version of artificial intelligence-based Echo speakers in the price range of Rs 4,499 to Rs 9,999 a unit. Amazon Devices Chief for India Parag Gupta believes that his team worked hard “to shave off 100s fo milliseconds from Alexa response time and invented a new AZ1 neural edge processor.”

In other words, it is a new module that is built to run machine learning algorithms on the edge. More, Amazon has built new neural speech recognition models that run on Az1.” Together they make speech responses faster on Echo Dot”, claimed Gupta.

Already the company has started pre-booking Echo Dot. It is priced at Rs 4,499;Echo DoTwith clock for Rs 5,499 and Echo are Rs 9,999. However, the customer can receive it by the end of 2020 through shipping, it is learnt. 


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