*Picture Courtesy: e-pao.net

The decision of Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs(UMTA) nominating five-time world champion MC Mary Kom as a brand ambassador of Tribes India,was greeted by sportspersons in Jharkhand.

"We are proud of her.We appreciate the initiative of the central government to have her as brand ambassador",said Tulika Murmu,an archer of Ranchi based Coach of Sports Authority of India echoing the sentiments of a dozen sportspersons who were tribals. 

Even Mary Kom was in cheers.""I am so happy to be a brand ambassador for Ministry of Tribal affairs for a good initiative," said Mary Kom during the function in New Delhi on Thursday. 

 "I am from Manipur and I hope my association with Tribes India will bring a great change in the life of tribal community financially and economically. I will try from my end to help the tribal people come forward,"PTI reports quoting her. 

A critic who took the initiative as a 'political' move by the Ministry,opined:"This appears to be a smart move to gain the support of tribals many of whom have turned against the BJP government."This was countered by a BJP leader saying,the critic must be "a pro-Congress thinker who looks at every activity from a negative mindset." 


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