Far away from Hindpiri - a hotspot of Coronavirus-is campus of Jharkhand Civil Service Officers Institute ( JCSOI), widely known as IAS Club Ranchi-a green land of trees, birds, and snakes where rodents thrive.

Both Central Reserve Police Force(CRPF) and the state police were deployed to keep Hindpiri sealed with an aim to ensure that people maintain social distance from each other so as to keep Coronavirus away. But the number of COVID-19 +ve patients has scaled up in Hindpiri from 3 on April 6 to 33 on May 6.

"The virus has spread mainly because the people of the minority community residing there and affected by the virus is not maintaining social distancing. The police were unable to force them to stay at home", cribbed a senior police officer who does not want to be named.

Back at JCSOI, both IAS officers, staff and forest officials were at their wit's end today, trying to contain some snakes on the move near the Litchi trees, each sprouting fleshy fruits.

According to JCSOI staff, a couple of snakes - Cobra and Dhaman-were spotted separately straying away from their holes. They photographed them and shared these rare pictures with www.jharkhandstatenews.com.

Since they did not like to kill these snakes, they were left with no choice but to wait and watch. The Dhaman snake, after breaking or moving forward to its own destination, finally zeroed in on deep underground within minutes.

They kept using their mobile phone to take snaps but ended eying the Litchi fruits, each uneatable as they had not fully fructified till date.

Yoga Pracharya Muktrath and gardeners who have also spotted a sole peacock inside JCSOI were conscious about these snakes though Dhaman was non- venomous.


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