The vision of my future is full of dreams of achieving higher in my career. As soon as I stepped into my adolescent years I thought of embarking upon a career seriously.Evaluating the pros and cons of all the careers, I found myself attracted to journalism because of its challenges.

As a teenager, I was always fascinated by celebrities.Their talents, achievements and flamboyance always inspired me. I felt the best way to meet these people would be as journalist since I would get the golden chance to study and emulate them.

There is a famous maxim – a drop of ink can make millions think. History has proved how the pen and newspapers have brought revolutions. There could be no better way of voicing my opinion other than through media. My aim of becoming a writer can also be fulfilled through journalism as many great writers started their career as journalists. Nobel Prize, Man Booker prize ……….,I dream of winning such prestigious prizes. Not only that I yearn for the day when I would become a celebrity writer and fans would clamour for my autograph.

Our Indian society is full of problems, vices, superstitions and ill-practices. Every citizen of India has a crucial role to play in eradicating these evils and take the nation to greater heights of development.

Hence,I feel as a journalist, I can take an active part in highlighting the social scenario of India and contribute in weeding out these perils.With the support of media, I can also help the poor and distressed people by showing their plight to the government. I am very lucky to get the guidance of my elder brother,an experienced journalist.The publication of my articles not only boosts my confidence but gives tons of joy to my brother. Most importantly I view myself as a sincere journalist always abiding by the ethics of humanity.


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