Golden Plover is a small bird famous for its migration. Every year it flies about 4,000 kilometers, over the ocean, from the US state of Alaska to the island of Hawaii and that's the shortest travel route for it.

This flight covers some 88 hours in which the bird does not stop anywhere on the way. There is no island on route and this bird cannot swim, therefore, it is impossible for it to make a stopover to rest, eat or drink anywhere in the middle of the journey.

When scientists did researches about this bird, they found that the bird needed 88 grams of fat to complete this particular journey, while actually the bird posseses only about 70 grams of fat as its flight fuel.

Now logically the bird should have died in the sea around 800 km before the destination due to shortage of fuel. But the bird safely reaches the destination each year! How does it do this? The answer is shocking.

These birds actually fly in groups and astonishingly making a shape of English letter- V. They also keep changing their positions alternately, because of this, they face less air-pressure than by flying alone.

Thus they successfully save about 23% of energy, which ultimately help them reach to the island of Hawaii with 6 - 7 grams of additional fat as their reserve fuel which they use in case of bad—weather condition when they may need to fly against the winds direction.

Now, tell me, how can you deny the power of God - the Supreme Creator?

How can a bird know how much fat it needs to travel that long and then with planning it flies in the group – in V-shaped, which saves its energy?

Who has given it the education of the shortest route of its destination?

Who guides and navigates this tiny bird the way in the darkness of nights and unfavourable weather conditions?

How dare does it travel so long and who does encourage it to do so?

And, we just can't deny the power of togetherness.

Let's all together make 2022 a great year, wishing every one very *Happy New Year.*


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