I thought of sharing my views on the present Covid situation. Some people may find it obnoxious and unacceptable. Nevertheless, it will serve a purpose if it helps people to see a different perspective.

Some countries are now registering Covid cases running in hundreds of thousands each day. France registered 300 thousand plus, US 200+, India 100+. Even countries with small populations like Australia have joined that bandwagon. Soon it will be a norm with the entire world population, as is the reality of the Omicron virus. 

Health agencies and organizations like WHO are unsuccessfully trying to keep track and trace of the epidemic. This is like chasing the flowing wind and the running water. You want to stop them, but they always find ways to escape. 

Imposing curbs and restrictions have done little to curb the spread. It only ruins the economy and hits the marginalised groups in society. It saves some people who can be counted but kill directly or directly, huge numbers, who are unaccounted for.

Helped with local health agencies and agencies like WHO, we are being bombarded with true and fake news. The media and social websites are making merry. This is just creating fear and panic among the populace. Has this not impacted everyone adversely?

In this situation, I believe the best future course would be to stop all testings. Treatment in hospitals should only be available to those, who cannot be managed at home. This will reduce pressure on the health system, and it will keep in check the immoral private health carers, who are out to fleece the poor and rich alike. 

Remove all curbs that have been imposed. Allow free travel and make people responsible for their own safety.  Allow the virus to be stopped or spread in a natural way. This will create herd immunity. In any case, this has gone beyond anyone’s control. Fortunately, the omicron variant is not lethal and there have been fewer hospitalisations. 

This happened to common cold and flu viruses that were deadly once upon a time. This should be looked at as an opportunity rather than a threat in the present circumstances. 

The fear of the disease is causing more issues. It triggers the lowering of the immunity among the infected. Do people even to this day not die of Flu?  I was truly surprised to get the statistics that there was an equal number of deaths due to tuberculosis last year in India compared to Covid. 

TB is also a similar infection spread through the air, but society is not under constant dread of the disease. The only way we can fight this pandemic is to accept it, try to keep our immunity high and recover quickly. If we do not do that then life will never return to normalcy and we will continue to be the guinea pigs in the hands of the pharma companies. 

They will keep pumping new vaccines and drugs into our bodies and defraud the masses.

* Writer Anup Sinha has retired as Logistics Consultant in Sydney and settled down there with his family.

His Note:  “Please feel free to comment and disagree with my views. I wish free flow of ideas.”


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