In all,15 to 20 mg cortisol are secreted in normal stress of human beings.And, 150 mg under maximum stress. 

A study shows Surgeon/ Anaesthetist normally   exceeds this 150 mg frequently in a day, that is 10 to 15 times more than the Military Colonel in any battle field. 

Doctors in Tamil Nadu Government service frequently cross 80mg per day and 150 mg at least twice a month. All doctors may know the adverse effects of cortisol in our body.If they don’t, no body cares any way. 

Against this backdrop a random survey was conducted with a simple question -How happy & satisfied are doctors in India today?

In response,as many as 1781 responses were received. Following were the findings in the form of observations:

# Only 37.7% of doctors were satisfied

# Only 45.1% doctor’s got complete 7 hr. sleep

# 82% doctors felt stressed out

# 34.5% doctors had high blood pressure

# 18.6% doctors had diabetes

# 61.6% doctors had a fear of violence, while giving consultation

# 56.5% doctors had thought of hiring security in their clinic premises

# Only 8% doctors had 1st choice for their children to become doctor

# 75.6% doctors had anxiety

# 26.4% doctors indulged in social drinking

# 45.4% doctors were afraid of possible violence

# 24.6% doctors were afraid of being sued

# 13.5% doctors were afraid for criminal prosecution

“Doctors die early. National IMA study showed that Indian doctors die 10 year earlier than the normal age and Kerala study showed that they died even 13 years earlier.”

If one doctor dies to make another doctor, we need 30 years and have to spend crores of public money.Remember,it is people's money. In case a doctor died, his unavailable services during those 30 years of his career adversely affects common people who may die. So common citizens are safe only if they exist and thrive. Right?

But the question is  do you know :

That when treating you of your viral fever your doctor gets exposed to the virus?

That when doing surgery your doctor gets cuts and pricks that may transmit disease from patient to doctor?

That when your doctor dresses your diabetic foot, they feel nauseated by smell and do not feel like eating for the whole day?

That when during a delivery the patient often passes urine and motion that may spills on the doctor?

That even though your doctor's own child might be suffering from fever, he has to leave him to others as he has to go and treat others while his own child suffers?

That  for every delivery case your doctor has to attend at least 10 calls throughout night.. And then be back to work early next day?

That when a neurosurgeon operates for 12 hours continuously he loses track of time and forgets to eat or sleep?

That a cardiologists and orthopodic surgeon are exposed to dangerous levels of radiation in the lab/OT. 

That the life span of doctors is 10 years less than  average life time of common people just because of stress?

With their level of intelligence they could earn more money, if that have been their sole motive, had they chosen other professions.Right? 

Honour every doctor for the common cause. Jai Hind.

* Note: The above text credited to unknown writer whose report was circulated on WhatsApp.

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