In today’s fast-paced world, nobody has time to think a moment whether one’s words are flowing in harmony with one’s mind, creating avoidable acrimony, bitterness and suspicious, which spoil relations at personal, public and professional levels.

Sister Shivani of the Brahmakumaris advises how harmony between mind and words can repair broken relations and maintain existing relations.

In an interview with film star Suresh Oberoi on “Ashtha Channel”, Sister Shivani says, “Speak the truth nicely, politely and respectfully. Talk to yourself first to create harmony between your mind and your words.”

Stressing the importance on passing on the message to any of your friends, relatives or colleagues, she asks to be straight forward and avoid any pretentions or excuses to refuse anything.

“For example, if somebody invites you for a dinner, and you know you can’t make it, don’t accept it. Tell the truth politely…if you think saying no, would be discourteous, then isn’t it discourteous if you fail to turn up for the dinner…therefore, tell the truth. Your integrity would be maintained among your loved ones,” she suggested.

Asking not to pretend and cheat others, she asks the people wishing to change the world to look inward first.

“Don’t try to change the world. First change yourself. If I can’t change myself, how can I change world. I can live my life according to my integrity. One can change oneself, create comfort for oneself and let others create their comfort level themselves,” she said.

Pointing out that family values and culture are very important and should be preserved, she asked even if one doesn’t like family traditions one should first think why one’s family members follow traditions.

“If you think and create a harmony within yourself, your thoughts and words will flow automatically. And you too will follow it, much to the happiness of the family members.

“Whatever I create in the mind it will come out. So I should sit and talk to myself, which is called meditation. It will make the body and the mind in harmony, enabling nice words flowing automatically,” she said and has a nice word for those trying to please the world.

“The world can’t be pleased. When there is no harmony between the self and the mind integrity will not come. I should think for a moment, thinking whether I stand on the foundation of integrity in my life? Establish faith in yourself, bring your thoughts and words in tandem and you will see how you can prevent telling something and thinking something else,” she concluded.


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