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By Ritam Talukdar: In April many guys started talking a lot about Net Neutrality issues.The main concern was :all sites are equal and VIP Culture should be stopped on the Internet.

Around the same time,Mark Zuckerberg opened up its service for all sites. Today,it is a free internet project which is going to offer free internet access to selected websites.He cleared the doubt that this is not in conflict with the net neutrality subject,rather it is compatible.

On its manifestation, it successfully provided access to Wikipedia, HIV prevention and counseling services, a women’s rights app, a job-finding device,and Google.It was a move supposedly to add more websites and other online services to join this “free mobile data” scheme along with this They already happen to include other features like The Facts for Life health site run by the United Nations Children’s Fund, BBC News, Accuweather and other sports and local news providers.

It is clear now that this will allow subscribers of various mobile partners to use a limited number of services without paying additional charges.Since 2014, the project has been successfully launched in Zambia, India, Colombia, Guatemala, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana and Indonesia and has provided immediate access to information from third-party services.

To use this facility,the users can use special Android Apps,’s official site, Facebook’s own app or the Opera Mini Browser.

More,five reasons are as follows:

1. It will only provide fragmented access to the web services that are approved by Facebook although will be open to all the developers.

2. Some of the services, apps or websites can be accessed without paying extra costs.

3. has given Facebook and Telcos total immunity to reject services that don’t go by their terms going against the base of the free and democratic Internet.

4. Users will not be able to shop online, pay their bills, or perform any sort of E-Commerce and online banking transactions without revealing the proper details.

5. The users will get restricted in terms of visiting websites, apps that offer voice-calling, videos, high-resolution picture or any sort of file transfer.

This can prove to be a privacy nightmare app.However, Zuckerberg promises to get better along with time as it undergoes to resolve some more issues that are at hand.

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