Pic Courtesy The Indian Express

British High Commissioner Sir James Bevan meets Chief Secretary

British High Commissioner to India James Bevan today met Chief Secretary R.S. Sharma at the Project Building Chamber.

Bevan discussed prospective Jharkhand projects with the Chief Secretary. During the discussion, Sharma said that there are great possibilities of development in the state and what is needed is effort in the right direction. He invited Bevan to invest in the health, education and infrastructure sector in the state.

The State, Sharma said has a unique blend of huge mineral reserves, forest resources and a developed tribal culture. The priority is to tread on path of progress by combining the efforts of all and consequently realize the goal of inclusive growth.

In reply to the question posed by Mr Bevan regarding the status of Jharkhand in next twenty years, Mr Sharma said that he foresees the state with smile on faces of all the people. The health care, hygiene, provision of drinking water and education should achieve satisfactory level with and adequate job opportunities should be created for all.


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