The traditional dance-Chhau- and the Art Skill- should be tought as a subject in Universities of Jharkhand and the state government approve it as part of their syllabus.

This is the opinion of artists.They expressed their view while speaking in the seminar held on the seventh day of the Chhau Mahotsav in Saraikela-Kharsawan today.

In fact,Seraikela Chhau Dance Academy,functions under the Seraikela-Kharswan administration, has already started a comprehensive syllabus for a six-year diploma course in Seraikela Chhau.

“Already the Chhau Gurus have prepared the syllabus and handed it over to the Kolhan University”,said a statement adding that the University had neither introduced it as a subject nor accepted it.

To accept and introduce it in the University syllabus,is necessary to keep the ancient tradition of Chhau dance form.

Incidentally,a certificate and Diploma course was introduced by Sidhu-Kanu Birsa University of Purulia in West Bengal where Chhau dance form was tought on a regular basis.

“A book is about to be published on the past and present of Chhau dance”,said the statement quoting the statements and opinions expressed by the artists in the seminar on Chhau dance.

Picture shows Chhau dancers participating in a function on the seventh day of the Chhau mahotsav in saraikela-Kharsawan,Jharkhand on April 9,2016


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