Top brass of the state Information and Public Relations Department today discussed ways to provide support and ,financial aid to film makers and film producers in accordance with the Film Policy of the Jharkhand government.

The discussion,participated among others by the film makers and producers and presided by Jharkhand IPRD Director A.K.Pandey,took place inside the Suchna Bhawan in Ranchi today.

A suggestion offered by the participants was that the Film Policy be followed and implemented keeping in view the culture of Jharkhand,its tourism sites and local artists.

The Film makers suggested that the state government should set up a Film Development Corporation,sought views to create a five member committee and put up its proposal before the concerned authorities of the Department.

*Picture shows officials led by Jharkhand IPRD Director A.K.Pandey holding a meeting inside Suchna Bhawan in Ranchi on February 6,2016 on developing Film Industry in Jharkhand.

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