*Image credit Ratan Lal

The annual cultural fest of BIT Mesra, BITOTSAV witnessed its theme release in the campus on the 24th of November, 2017.

 • Awash with students and faculty members, the theme launch began at 5:30 pm.

• The day was set rolling by a musical performance by Ikhtiyar, a band of Dhwani, Music Club, BIT Mesra.

• It was followed by an enthralling dance performance by the Dance club, BIT Mesra.

• The interaction between famous TV characters – Barney Stinson, Sherlock Holmes and Phoebe Buffay brought to light the social cause -“Dignity of Labour” that Bitotsav’18 is standing for.

• Bitotsav’18 has a series of campaigns. The social campaign being “Upliftment of tribes of Jharkhand” and the online campaign would be against “Body Shaming”.

•The much awaited theme for Bitotsav’18 was unveiled. The theme this time would be “Behind the Screens-A Nexus of Episodes”.

• Then the Core Team gave a sneak peek into the Cultural extravaganza through a video about what the students shall be witnessing during the fest.

• The Honourable Dean Students’ Welfare, Dr. Mahesh Chandra addressed the gathering and wished success for the fest. The Coordinator and Co-coordinator of the fest, Dr. Kirti Avishek and Dr. Mrinal Pathak also graced the event with their presence along with other faculty members.

• The evening concluded with the release of balloons as the students look forward to the biggest celebration of BIT Mesra.


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