When he was alive, Devkumar Singh alias 'Arvindji' was beyond the reach of security forces.After his demise, security forces failed to recover his body.

In any case, the security forces in Maoist affected areas were in cheers.Some of them must have heaved shy of relief over the reported death of Arvindji, a top think tank of the CPI(Maoist), has come at a time when the security forces have gained a foothold and the ultra-left extremists were struggling to survive in their areas across Jharkhand. 

Arvindji, who is reported to have died due to a heart attack in some areas of Jharkhand, was an 'A category' Naxal leader wanted by the government and carried a bounty of Rs 1.5 crore on his head.

Records revealed that he was a senior Maoist leader in the area and was considered as an expert in inter-district Naxal operations. He is learned to be a high-ranking member of the central committee of the banned CPI(Maoist). 

According to a Jharkhand Police dossier, Arvind was a "strategist and mastermind" of Naxal operations in Jharkhand for years.


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