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Breaking news is scientists have found a way out -cure- for the breast cancer. After carrying out research they have concluded that first-in-class molecule shuts down oestrogen-sensitive breast cancer in a new way.

'First-in-class drugs are those that work by a unique mechanism - in this case, a molecule that targets a protein on the oestrogen receptor of tumor cells', said a report.

The potential drug offers hope for patients whose breast cancer has become resistant to traditional therapies."This is a fundamentally different, new class of agents for oestrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer," Ganesh Raj, a professor at the University of Texas Southwestern (UT Southwestern) Simmons Cancer Center, is quoted having said.

"Its unique mechanism of action overcomes the limitations of current therapies," Raj said. All breast cancers are tested to determine if they require oestrogen to grow and about 80 percent are found to be oestrogen-sensitive, said, researchers.

These cancers can often be effectively treated with hormone therapy, such as tamoxifen, but as many as a third of these cancers eventually become resistant, they said.


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