He is the first Coronavirus Positive person. He is among seventeen of total of 22 persons who were foreigners and who were caught by the police from two Masjids in Hindpuri locality in Ranchi.

" With one of them testing positive, the alarm bells have been recorded in the state of Jharkhand. Now, a number of individuals who had come in contact with him have to be identified and checked", said R.S. Das.

The identity of this foreigner is kept secret by the police. Earlier they had separately told the police that they had come to propagate Islam".

As it is, after the police recovered them on a tip-off on Sunday- Monday night, they were quarantined and tested whether they suffered from Coronavirus infection.

All of them were quarantined at Quarantine Home set up at Khelgaon by the state health department. The police is also investigating if they were part of any "international Islamic Gang".

Notably, a couple of days back, the police had detained and kept 11 other Muslim foreigners in quarantine centre in Tamar, 80 KM from Ranchi. The Intelligence Bureau is investigating into the 'cause' and 'network' linked with their arrival.

As per available information, all these foreigners were Sunni Muslims. Why they had kept their presence hidden at a time when the Lockdown was in force to prevent spread of Coronavirus?

They are learnt to have informed the police that they had landed in different parts of the world to propagate Islam.

The Kotwali Police Dy.SP Ajit Kumar said that among 17 foreigners, four male were from Malasiya. They had come to Ranchi from Delhi with four female on March 17, a week before 21 days Lockdown was announced by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

All of them were kept inside Madina Masgid. On March 18, three other Muslims had landed from U.K., two each from West Indies and Gambia. 

More, two more -one each -had come from Holland and Bangladesh. With them, one guide each had arrived from Delhi, Mumbai and Gujarat.All of them were staying at Badi Masjid.
By interrogating them, the police had learnt that all of them have valid visa. "They claimed that they had informed the Crime Incestigation Department ( CID) about their background.They also claimed that they were already examined for Coronavirus infection and had tested negative, said the police.

However, since none of them could show any medical examination report, they were medically examined whether they were Coronavirus.

Report is awaited. One of them who was below 35- years old from U.K. claimed that they had come to India to propagate Islam in Jharkhand


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