Call it a super product of innovation. The product is a Rail Bicycle. It is meant for the railway tracks. 

And it has been innovated by Pankaj Soin, Senior  DFN/W/Ajmer in league with Rekhraj Meena, ADEN/MJ, and Dinesh Naglia, SSE/MJ of North Western Railway, Ajmer, Rajasthan.

This Bicycle is a lightweight structure. Its experiment on tracks indicates it is quite helpful for reaching emergent locations at tracks like bridge approaches, location of bank slips, rain cuts, etc which are not approachable by road, especially in monsoon season. 

It is going to help railway personnel do patrol of the track in closed sections or sections with low traffic due to COVID-19 for safety and security of track.

The average and maximum speed of this Rail Bicycle is 10 kmph and 15 kmph respectively. Its cost is about Rs 5000.

With the help of this Rail Bicycle the beat of patrolmen can be increased thus helps in saving manpower, it seems.

Apparently, this economically cheap Rail Bicycle is bound to be highly beneficial in saving time, reducing manpower, and reducing efforts of the trackman. 

Incidentally, it is the first of it's kind innovative outcome of its type in Indian Railways. It can easily be manufactured at PWI’s workshop.


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