The Night belongs to Lovers is an intimate story of love and desire, said Julien Hilmoine, Director of the film at a Press Conference held on the sidelines of 52nd IFFI today.

Julien said that the film shows an intense love story. “To keep that intensity intact, we have shot it in a single set with two characters only”, he said.

Responding to a query on the inclusion of too many explicit scenes, the Director said that the team had decided to include those scenes in order to maintain the gravity of love and intimacy. “We have tried to show intimacy between the characters in a natural way and the nude scenes were incorporated as per the demand of the story”, he added.


Supplementing to a suggestion, he said that a Director should have freedom of expression to tell the story in an effective way. “It was a collective decision of the team to make the film, the way it is and it has been received very well by the audience across the globe ”, he added.

The film was screened yesterday at IFFI as a part of World Panorama.

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